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Our therapists are wholly dedicated to their patients and work with a variety of special needs with a caring encouraging attitude.

In 2006 four therapists joined together to provide therapeutic care based upon the needs of their patients. In 2011 the four original owners-therapists established The Therapy Center of Hendersonville, LLC and expanded their group to include additional highly experienced therapists while moving into their newly built clinic.

Pediatric patients are treated by therapists wholly dedicated to their young patient. With clinic space designed specifically for pediatrics, our therapists work with a variety of special needs children with a caring and encouraging attitude. We work closely with parents, schools and each child to create an individualized and collaborative treatment plan. We work with children of all ages and diagnosis including those receiving assistance from the Tennessee Early Intervention Services (TEIS) program.

Adult and adolescent patients are treated individually by licensed therapists using the latest protocols, manual techniques and creative approaches during the rehabilitation process. Whether healing from a joint replacement, surgical repair, chronic pain, recent injury from sports, life or work activity our therapists deliver the most current care in the Middle Tennessee area.

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