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Back Pain No More!

In an effort to centralize back pain that may have started radiating into your butt, hip, thigh and down your leg, try these resting positions while lying on your bed.

Prone Propping

aka TV Watching Position

Allow your thoracic spine to sink down between your shoulder blades.

Rest in this position 1 min.

Frog-Leg position

Lying on your belly, bend knees and cross ankles. Knees slightly wider apart than hips. Rest feet against the wall or headboard.

Rest in this position 2-3 minutes.

Thoracic Back Rest

Lie down on your back with a pillow under your rib cage. Raise both arms overhead while you’re in this position. This stretches the shoulder capsules and wards off a frozen shoulder. This also stretches the diaphragm and reverses the curve of the middle spine, mobilizing all the ribs. You will be amazed what great comfort this 5-minute resting position can give after a long day.

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