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Balancing Act

Balance is like any other skill: Practice and you'll get better, quit moving and I can promise your balance will falter. Try these SAFE and easy balance exercises today!

Stand near the kitchen counter for safety. Place feet shoulder width apart. Shift your weight evenly from right to left, back and forth. Engage your toes, lifting the pinky toes as you shift away from that side. Repeat 5x each direction.

Next, have your finger tips meet in front of you, then have them meet behind your back. This will encourage you to shift your weight from front to back, from your heels to your toes. Keep your feet in contact with the floor. Think about engaging your toes, curling them when finger tips are in front, lifting toes when fingertips reach behind your back.

Lastly, with your feet shoulder width apart, circle your hips around in a circle clockwise 5 times. Repeat counter clockwise 5x. Appreciate how your toes, feet and ankles move as you control your balance.

These exercises are great for strengthening your balance, ankles and legs!

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