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Elvis My Pelvis

Your pelvis is essentially a bowl from which all core power and stability derive. The pelvis is pretty fascinating because it's really a right and left side with each side a group of three bones. It houses your guts, your reproductive organs and is the base of you spine. Elvis (and the pelvis) really are KING!

Here are a few home exercises to "Love Me Tender" (can't you hear the music ?)

The following exercises are designed to strengthen and stabilize your pelvis and low back.

Nothing helps stabilize the pelvis more than Glut Sets! Pinch your butt muscles together as if you've eaten bean salad before attending church. Squeeze and hold 5 seconds, relax, repeat 5 times. Repeat over and over all day long if you wish.

Resisted Knee Squeezes

While sitting, gently squeeze a small ball about 6” in diameter (think the size of a new toilet paper roll) between your knees for 6 seconds. Release and repeat 3 times.

Resisted Knee Squeezes

Then while sitting, gently resist the abduction (outward pressing) of both knees. Hold the isometric position for 6 seconds. Release and repeat 3 times.


Pelvic motion is your lumbar’s happy dance. While you are brushing your teeth every morning, practice tipping your pelvis forward, then backward; channel your inner dance child by tucking in your abdominals for a flattened back and then sway back. As you stand, shift your weight between your feet right to left, back and forth. Now that you’ve moved your pelvis and lumbar spine forward and backwards, then right and left, add a hula circle clockwise then counterclockwise.

Repeat these motions 3 times each direction.

Happy dance for your back!

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