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Hula Some More!

So you're feeling good about the Forward and Backward Hula's? Let's keep on working!

Hula Dancer I

Stand in the middle of your hula hoop, holding it up around your waist.

Rotate those hips/pelvis around clockwise three times, then counter clockwise three times. Feel like the hula girl on your dashboard yet?

Hula Dancer II

Standing while holding your hula hoop in your right hand, step into the hoop.  

Grab the hoop with both hands.  With a “power posture “move your hips/pelvis around clockwise three times and then counter clockwise three times.  Yep, you’ve got to channel your sassy self to move!  

Drop your right hand step out of the hoop.  The hoop should now be in your left hand. You can repeat this back-and-forth several times. This exercise is great for your SI joint, leg strength, and balance confidence.  

Bonus! If you start lifting the hoop with your hand out from your side you even get some shoulder exercise.

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