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Pain in the Neck!

Literally, you've got a pain in the neck! Use these three strategies for self care.

1. Chin Tucks

2. Posture

3. Positioning

Chin Tucks: To align your ears over your shoulders, pull your neck slightly backwards. While your neck should not remain flat, this flattening exercise gently massages and stretches the cervical muscles for optimum mobility and flexibility. Think of a turtle pulling its head back and forth into its shell. A chin tuck is similar to a turtle’s head retraction

Proper Posture: I’ve seen plenty of bad postures with pinched shoulder blades. Often, people will advise pulling your shoulders back to correct one’s posture. I’ve got one better: Forget the blades. Instead, lift your breast plate (sternum), and relax the shoulders. Wear this posture like a proud shield of armor.

Positioning: A tipped head, a twisted neck, and/or strained posture beg for a time out. When you just want to put that 11-pound head on a shelf to relieve the pressure in your neck, try these restful positions.

Neck Rest

The goal here is to create a support for your head and neck with a thin roll. To accomplish this, use one, not two pillows when sleeping. Try to use a foam pillow rather than a humped or compressed, fluff-filled pillow. Next, choose something like a foam swim noodle or a thin hand towel that can be place

inside the pillow’s case to support the neck. Now lie down on your back.

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